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How I can help you

Bowen Technique

Bowen is a very gentle and relaxing treatment in which the therapist uses a combination of rolling moves over specific areas of the body. These moves create a similar effect to the ripple caused by water dripping into a pond.
Pauses are important in Bowen, giving the body time to adjust to what is being done. 
Bowen can be performed through light clothing on any age of person and as we treat the person, not the condition, there are no restrictions on who we can treat.

Young woman receives bowen therapy which is a holistic system of healing.jpg

Sharon Wheeler's ScarWorkTM

Using light, massage-like stroking, along with other more specialised techniques, Scar Work is a non-invasive, highly relaxing therapy.
Developed by Sharon Wheeler in the USA, Scar Work is now spreading quickly across the UK.  When healthy, the fascia provides a connection and flow between all areas of the body, a sort of consciousness, with a potential pressure of 2000 lbs per square inch so, if damaged, can pull joints and bones out of alignment.  This may be addressed by working on the area around the scars, allowing the body to restore flexibility with continuity of connection and flow.
Scar Work can be used on all scars: Caesarean, hysterectomy, mastectomy, battle wounds, accident, and surgical. Sometimes scars are not visible but pull from under the skin, causing distortion and pain.
This work can result in an emotional outlet that is perfectly natural and healthy. A supportive environment is absolutely essential at this point, and this is provided with total confidentiality ensured in a positive, caring way.

Hypertrophic keloid scar on woman face before and after laser treatment, removal, heal and


Your body responds to massage in two ways:

  • The physical benefits -

Reducing muscle stiffness, increasing joint mobility, improving lymphatic flow.

  • The psychological benefits -

De-stressing, relaxation, and increased well-being.

Body Massage
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